About Show Ski

Extremely popular in the upper Midwest, and practiced throughout the nation, show skiing combines components of all water ski disciplines. Water ski shows are an aquatic Broadway musical, featuring several water ski acts choreographed to music and built around a theme that tells a story.

Unique to show skiing are ballet/swivel skiing, adagio doubles, freestyle jumping and human pyramids. Ski show exhibitions or shows involve amateur clubs which usually have 30 or more members. Some clubs even have more than 200 members! Age is not a factor since ski club performers can range from children to grandparents.

Show skiing is a rich part of the sport’s history. Water skiers have been performing amateur and professional ski shows since the 1940s. In fact, in the 1950s, the most talented traditional competitors also were ski show professionals. Today, many of the most talented show ski athletes perform at aquatic theme parks such as the Wisconsin Dells, Marine World, Sea World and Cypress Gardens.


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