Slalom Course Rules and the Michigan DNR Changing its Interpretation of Provision #6

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The MWSA is well aware of and has been working with the DNR to resolve the matter of provision #6 on your Slalom Course Permit. So, PLEASE stop contacting the DNR directly. Give the MWSA a chance to resolve this issue for the entire state. This is not an individual or a single lake issue, this is a state wide issue. We understand that you would like this resolved quickly but this rule is only in effect until September 5th.   After that date you can keep your buoys up full time (please consult your permit to confirm this provision is part of your permit).  I am asking that you abide by your permit provisions and remove the course when it is not in use.

Note: if you do not remove the buoys when not is use the DNR cannot issue you a ticket. Violation of the slalom course provisions does and never has resulted in a ticket. What it does is allows them to revoke your permit. Once your permit is revoked and you set it up again, then they can issue you a citation and charge you with a misdemeanor.

As we work to resolve this matter please see the list of items below that will help us in resolving this issue:

Please become both a MWSA and USA Water Ski member. This includes the group of skiers that you ski with at your lake. Also, if you do not have a club, again I suggest that you form one with USA Water Ski so that you represent a group and not an individual.

Additionally if your lake has a lake association, I would suggest you and your club go to the meeting and get involved. Take it over, get on the board. Make your lake association as skier friendly as possible as well as pro-slalom course. This will be important if things go in the direction that my preliminary discussion have gone with the DNR.

Last I have been on the MWSA board of directors for over 20 years, a private lake owner for 25, on the USA Legislative Board for over 10 years and have been working with the Michigan DNR for almost 20 years on water ski matters. As much as you all would like to participate and add your opinion, I ask that you be patient and let me do what is required to resolve this issue. I will also be talking with Nicki Poland and ask her to please uninvolve herself in this matter since it is not a dealers issue and is not at the legislative side where a lobbyist would be required.

So, please be patient as this is not going to be a quick issue to resolve. Remember we are dealing with the state government and nothing will ever happen fast. Please abide by your permit, if you don’t they will pull your permit. If you set it up again, they will give you a citation and you will be fined.

If each of you could email me back within the contact area of this website with the following information: your contact information, the lake you live on, and your club name, it would be appreciated. Please check back at the web site for updates concerning this matter.



Daniel Connelly

Executive VP

Michigan Water Ski Association

Legislative Board Member USA Water Ski