About Three Event

Traditional 3 event skiing involves the sports of trick skiing, jumping, and slalom skiing. These sports have a huge National following with many participants who ski one or more of the events. Trick skiing is performed using a trick ski and as the name implies, is a series of tricks completed over a certain time frame. Recreationally it can be enjoyed on our lakes by most because of the ease of getting up on the skis and slower speed of the tow boat. Jumping is a sport that uses long double skis to go over a stationary ramp secured in the water. Because of the risk for injury without proper instruction, you will not find a ramp in most public lakes. Skiers with desires to jump should check with area ski clubs to find an experienced jumper who could help with instruction and equipment.Slalom skiing has become a very popular sport, maybe because of its challenges of going through a course of 2 gates and 6 buoys at faster and faster speeds, and then shortening the tow rope to make it even more difficult. It is not too difficult to find a public lake nearby your area that has a ski club that supports and embraces a ski club.

All 3 of these sports make up the traditional 3 Event program here in Michigan. There are many skiers from young to old, organized clubs to recreational enthusiasts who love and are devoted to these events. If you are someone interested in more information or just how to get started, please contact our 3 Event chairperson, Brent Triplet – brenton(dot)triplett(at)gmail(dot)com

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